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Energy Suppliers, Landlords, Commercial Property

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Energy Suppliers

Attract and retain customers.

Radbot offers the potential to differentiate your product offering and change the relationship with your customers.

  • It’s amazingly simple to install and use
  • Can deliver energy savings of up to 30%
  • It has a low upfront cost and rapid payback of less than 18 months

We believe this makes Radbot ideally suited to an innovative ‘gas saver’ tariff which supports your customers in reducing energy consumption whilst building loyalty and retention.


Saving you money & keeping your tenants warm.

If you are responsible for paying the energy bills, Radbot is a great way to reduce your costs and keep your tenants warm and comfortable.

Radbot offers landlords a cost-effective solution reducing a property’s energy consumption. By controlling the heat output from radiators in individual rooms and only heating parts of the building when they are actively being used and can significantly reduce energy costs.

Commercial Property

Radbot is a cost-effective solution for smaller commercial properties

If you’re managing or renting a small commercial building with a wet central heating system, then Radbot offers a cost-effective solution for controlling your heating. Quick and simple to install with minimal capital outlay, Radbot can help reduce your energy costs and ensure your business is reducing its impact on the environment.