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Heating accounts for 37% of UK emissions. Radbot wants to reduce this

Investment round to focus on commercial growth

Award-winning, clean tech company, Vestemi, has announced that it is now crowdfunding on investment platform, Seedrs, to raise second-round investment for its energy saving product, Radbot.

Radbot crowdfunding on Seedrs

One of the key aims of the crowdfunding campaign is to focus on driving commercial growth across Radbot’s key routes to market.  This includes driving sales activities and growing strategic partnerships, across business, trade, and consumer channels, alongside a large-scale opportunity to participate in a government scheme known as ECO3.


Under ECO3, UK energy suppliers are obligated to spend £640 million each year installing approved energy efficiency measures in UK homes. Following a successful trial (now underway), Radbot will be positioned to take advantage of this sizeable market opportunity.

About Radbot

Radbot is a smart heating control that heats rooms when occupied and reduces the temperature when empty, saving householders up to 30% on heating bills.  That’s around £180 per year for a typical semi-detached home. It can be used in any home that has gas heating with radiators, which is about 90% of UK households.

Jeremy Lock, CEO, Vestemi says: ‘There are over 1 billion radiators across the UK and Europe. When you combine this figure with the fact that we lose billions every year on wasted or unnecessary heating, it’s clear urgent action needs to be taken to increase energy efficiency. Our mission is to reduce emissions and save energy, whilst enabling householders to lower their heating bills.’

Radbot is now crowdfunding on Seedrs. For more information, click here.