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Why Radbot?

The smart heating control that can save up to 30% off the heating bill

Pays for itself in 1-2 heating seasons
No app, wifi, or programming schedules required
Fit in less time than you can change a light bulb
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Case Study

The Channing Family

The Property

A 3-storey, 3-bedroom new build. Well-insulated and
draught free.

The Problem

The family found the house was too hot downstairs
and too cold upstairs.

The Experience

Mrs Channing ‘couldn’t believe the changes’ – the
house was now one consistent temperature.

Money Saving

By March 2019, six months after installing
Radbot, they had a credit of £182.95.

Radbot & Eco 3

Leveraging Innovation to Combat Fuel Poverty

As part of a Government drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty, Radbot is one of the first innovations to be approved by Ofgem under its ECO3 programme. Radbot’s cost-effective and scalable nature make it an attractive solution compared to existing measures. Read more here…

In the News

Off-sets rising energy costs by reducing energy consumption
Supports UK’s goal of becoming Net Zero by 2050
Tackles fuel poverty in conjunction with the government’s Eco 3 programme

"The UK will not meet its climate change targets without a revolution in home heating"

“Radbot is a robot for rads that could reduce heating costs by 30%”

“As the UK spends around £2.2bn every year on wasted heating, the ability to zone heating can significantly reduce heat wastage”