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  • One of the first innovators to achieve approval for trial
  • A smart heating control that helps tackle fuel poverty
  • Improves energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint

As part of a Government drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty, Vestemi announces today that Radbot, its innovative smart heating control, is one of the first to be approved by Ofgem under its ECO3 programme.

As traditional energy-saving products, such as solid wall insulation, can be expensive and intrusive, Ofgem is now looking for innovative technologies that can push the envelope to provide more cost-effective and scalable solutions.

Radbot ECO3 Ofgem approvalIn addition to the fuel poverty problem, the Government target of hitting zero carbon by 2050 means the need for innovation to increase energy efficiency is now more important than ever, especially in the housing sector, which accounts for 14% of total UK emissions.

About Radbot

Radbot is a smart heating control that heats rooms when occupied and reduces the temperature when empty, saving up to 30% off heating bills.  This is around £180 per year for a typical semi-detached home.

Steve Newall EDF Energy’s ECO Monitoring & Innovation Manager said “The great thing about Radbot is that it is an easy to install, fit-and-forget product. It’s a cost-effective solution that helps householders to save energy and reduce their energy bills. This is something that’s especially important for households that have a low income and a key reason why we’re working in partnership with Radbot.’

Towards Net Zero

By reducing heat wastage and carbon emissions, Radbot works towards the UK’s net zero goal.  With many suggesting this can only be achieved with technology that needs little consumer intervention, Radbot supports this approach as it is a “fit and forget” product that doesn’t require people to change habits or sacrifice comfort.

Jeremy Lock, CEO, Vestemi says: ‘With over £5 billion wasted on unnecessary heating every year, we created Radbot to not only to improve energy efficiency, but also to help people achieve more affordable and manageable heating bills.’

Radbot’s approval from Ofgem is part of a Government initiative that places the large energy companies under Energy Company Obligation – also known as ECO3 – whereby energy companies need to improve efficiency in over 2.55 million eligible homes across the UK.

Radbot can be used in any home that has radiator-based heating, which is currently around 24 million homes in the UK.