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How does Radbot work?

Radbot is a completely new type of smart heating solution that detects when a room is occupied by measuring changes in light. Radbot then heats the room when you’re there and lowers the temperature when you’re not.

How does Radbot save energy and money? 

Every 1°C reduction in your home’s temperature can save as much as 10% on your heating bills!  Radbot’s advanced technology detects when a room is empty and reduces the temperature between 1°C and 6°C depending on time of day and the setting you select.  Saving you money and energy without sacrificing comfort.

How is Radbot different from Smart Thermostats?

Smart thermostats like Nest and Hive control the heating for your whole house whereas Radbot heats rooms individually based on occupancy.  You wouldn’t turn all the lights on in your home with one switch, so why do it with heating?

How is Radbot different from standard TRVs?

You may be familiar with thermostatic radiator valves or TRVs (yes, that funny dial thing on your radiator). Radbot looks the same, so how is it different? 

TRVs control heat output in each room, but keep the temperature the same all the time.  To achieve similar savings with TRVs you would need to remember to turn the dial up 1-2 hours before you enter each room and turn it back down every time you leave a room.  Radbot automates this process saving you time and money.

So how do I control Radbot?

Radbot is a “set and forget” heating solution.  With the temperature dial, you can set the temperature in each room so there’s no need to fiddle with the house thermostat or an app on your smartphone.

Radbot controls the heat output from individual radiators and does not tell your boiler to turn on or off so it will not affect any of the timers or schedules you’ve set.  Radbot also can be used alongside a smart thermostat for further energy savings.

Watch the Using Radbot video