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£180 heating bill saving

Balanced heating temperature throughout the house

Central heating time reduced to just one hour a night

Setting the scene

The Channing family live in a three storey, three-bedroom new build house. As a 6 year old property, it is well-insulated and pretty much draught-free. The house runs on gas central heating through a combi boiler and there are radiators in every room.

Channing case study

The problem

The family had a big problem with balancing the heating in their home. They found it too hot downstairs and too cold upstairs. Especially in the master bedroom, which is a large, open space and difficult to heat. It meant they had to supplement it with an electric heater as the radiator just wasn’t proving effective on its own.

Even though the lower part of the house was too warm, the Channing’s found they were still having to keep the heating on ‘for ages’ in order to ensure the temperature in the top part of the house reached a comfortable level.

The solution

Mrs Channing’s interest in Radbot was piqued by what she calls its ‘wow points’, namely the ability to control heat output room by room, therefore saving energy and reducing heating bills. As their heating situation wasn’t ideal and they were keen to change it, the family felt a smart radiator thermostat, such as Radbot, could be a good solution.

The results

Mrs Channing ‘couldn’t believe the changes’. From the moment Radbot was installed, they no longer had issues with load balancing and the whole house was one consistent temperature. No more electric heater.

In fact, they only have the heating on ‘one hour max’ in the evening and that’s all they need. The whole ethos of a well-insulated new build is that it is quick to warm and retains heat for longer. Radbot has helped the house achieve that goal.

Mr Channing does shift work, so when working nights his usual routine is to get home at 7.30am and switch the heating on. He no longer needs to do this as the house is still warm and comfortable when he returns.

Saving Money with Radbot

Radbot money savingSimply turning off the electric heater has immediately saved the Channing’s money. However, when the family did a yearly price comparison on their heating, they found that in April 2018 they owed the utility company £23.57. By March 2019, six months after installing Radbot, they were in credit to the sum of £182.95.

With Radbot, not only did the Channing family achieve a warmer, more comfortable home that saved them money, but also a house that was now hitting the energy reduction goals it was designed to meet in the first place.

We call that smart heating made simple.



Radbot has a new home

We are pleased to announce that Radbot technology has a new home. The product is now owned and operated by Secure Meters (UK) Ltd.

Secure is a leading manufacturer of smart metering and heating control products and services. Since its foundation in 1987, Secure has developed a reputation for producing innovative, high-quality products that focus on users of energy in homes and workplaces to help them reduce energy waste. For more information [ or dedicated page on Radbot website]

Radbot is temporarily unavailable for sale. Secure is currently developing a new version of the product which will be relaunched in the UK in July 2022, with the following enhancements:

- Secure’s 7 years no quibbles warranty – quality you can trust

- New improved motor and driver - quiet operation

- Improved occupancy detection algorithm – better comfort and energy saving



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The new improved Radbot 1 version will be available for B2B sales in July 2022.  If you are interested in pre-ordering or would like to discuss wholesale purchasing, please register today, and a sales representative will be in touch.