Savings made Simple

A smart heating control that saves energy and money

Meet Radbot

A smart heating control that saves up to 30% on your heating bills by heating each room only when you need it.  Simply fit Radbot to your radiators and it does the rest! 

No more heating empty rooms! 

Did you know wasted heat costs UK households over £6 billion every year!?!?  Radbot learns your household patterns and then heats each room only when you need it.  If a room is empty, Radbot simply reduces the temperature, saving you money and energy!

Created to save you money

Unlike smart thermostats, Radbot was created to reduce energy usage in your home. 

Endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust, Radbot has been proven to save up to 30% on your heating bills.  On average, that’s as much as £180 a year in your back pocket without switching suppliers.

Apps are good for dating, not for heating

Radbot works on its own to understand when it needs to heat the room.  There’s no need for an app or another online password. Do you really want to see more of your radiator? 

No wifi, no worries

Unlike other smart home products, Radbot doesn’t need wifi connectivity.  So there’s no worry you’ll be left in the cold if your network goes down.  Plus there’s no need to buy a pricey smart home hub or fancy add-ons.

Screw it!

As easy as one, two, tea!  Simply screw Radbot into your radiator.  No need for plumbers, engineers or specialist equipment.  And if you move house, simply take Radbot with you making it great for both homeowners and renters. 

Watch the Installing Radbot video


Product Features


Radbot works with any heating system that has thermostatic radiator valves (e.g. TRV). 


Feeling a bit chilly?  Radbot‘s handy boost button provides 30 minutes of extra heat.

Zonal Control

Ensures each room always feels just right especially in rooms prone to overheating.  Hello Multi-Zone!


Built-in frost and humidity detection protects your home from frozen pipes, damp and water leaks 


Technology as it should be: safe, simple, secure